Registration has just started, and our first student here, Kathryn,  is now out in the rain trying to find a place to pitch her tent.  We have a fire burning in the community center and snacks out on the table.  We spent the day unpacking food, setting up the classroom and visiting the field-trip sites.  We got a great deal on 20 lbs of scallops, fresh off the boat, and the organizing crew taste-tested them for an early dinner.

Like a gardener, anxiously waiting her precious tomato to fruit, we are waiting for the fruits of our efforts to begin.  The seeds were planted two years ago, and patiently tended.  There were times when we thought it might not happen, but we persevered.

And now it begins… an opening circle, loud laughter, friends greeting and friends-to-be meeting.  The excitement is tangible in the air.  Every person in the room has made a serious commitment to be here.  Passed kids off, found pet sitters, left their garden in the height of harvest, took time out from their jobs, and found the money to pay for it.  We are all in this together and are ready and open for what will come in the next two weeks.


The Community Center

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  1. Dohnn said,

    August 9, 2010 at 9:11 am

    Thanks Saskia, I look forward to following along. Dohnn


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