A modest proposal for the Anchorage Permaculture Guild:

-by Leslie Tose
A small group of us ( myself, Bridget Paule, Seija Sinikki, & Larissa Wright-Elson) are offering to serve as a Council or Steering Committee to facilitate activities for the Guild for the next year. We can give it a try. These are our thoughts:
1. Council would be a smaller group of up to 6 self-nominated people that will meet 1st Sat of the month @ at the Loussac library to cover the business of figuring out activities for the larger group. We have 4 people now, and would welcome a couple of more souls.
2. Our idea was to create a monthly sequence of things like: Feast, Event, Movie, Skill, Speaker. We talked about meeting Sept/Oct/Nov. – take a break in Dec – Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May/June/Jul – take a break in Aug. Also meeting generAlly in more public locations.
3. Since the demise of the Ning site, We talked about creating a new website on WordPress, that would be linked to this FB. Michelle Wilber is working on that.
4. The main idea behind all this was to try to figure out a way to move the Guild forward, building on strengths, and giving some support to areas where we have struggled. We actually got together to discuss another matter, but the teaser behind the matter at hand had to do with the Guild. During the past year we have observed the Guild floundering as we discussed/ debated/ resisted discussing or debating things like our purpose, our goals, our structure, decision making, who and what we are or are not about. There are a number of things yet to figure out and put forth – we are willing to give it our best try.
Feedback? (This discussion is also occurring on the Anchorage Permaculture Guild)


  1. July 29, 2014 at 10:27 am

    Great, Michelle! I am trying out if this site works! I too am working on a modest proposal for a group structure (a mycelia model) and will bring it to our next core group meeting.


  2. August 1, 2014 at 8:10 am

    I take the liberty of posting Matt Oster’s comment from the facebook for those who might want to join our discussion.

    Although I have not been actively involved with the group for some time, I have a couple thoughts here. One, Kudos for a renewed interest in reorganizing, looking at the design, and trying to be more productive as a group. I like where you started things here Leslie and wish I had more time to devote to the group. Vision and leadership roles have always been a challenge with all of our interests and yearly schedules! Two, I am conflicted on multiple levels of turning over the ning site to Cindee and Terry for their own project and having a wordpress site for the group. Having built wordpress sites before, unless Michelle (bless her volunteering heart) is going to spend a shit ton of hours on more advanced site development, it will be hard to create what the ning site has provided with out over burdening Michelle. If the group wants another platform great, take the content, feeds, images, and everything else and bring it to another platform that works better for the group, or re-name the ning site. As far as admin powers go, the ning site is owned by a guy in Colorado, but anyone in our group can have access to admin powers. This causes some snafus as we have seen with the multiple changes to the layout of the site and challenges those changes have brought, but I think if there was more structure as everyone seems to crave these issues could be adverted. If the active group wants an Anchorage based or south central based only group, change the name on the ning site. If Cindee and Terry want to start a project on a different scale, start your own project, website, and initiative; it makes no sense to me for their initiative to get all the content of this group from the last six years while this group will then need to then start from scratch. I’m in favor of creating structure to make the group have more impact and direction, but I am apposed to a couple members using what has been built for their own agendas.

    My response to Matt’s post is that all group members interested in expressing their opinions need to get together to talk about the group’s goals and purpose. Speak now or remain quiet later!


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