Permaculture Design Course, Spring 2012

Red Edge Design is happy to announce Alaska’s second-ever Permaculture Design Course, happening April 23rd- May 5th, 2012 in Anchorage!  This will be a full 72-hour certification course, covering all the required curriculum you need to become a Permaculture Designer, with special emphasis on home-scale and community-scale applications in the far north!

We will focus on home-scale solutions because most of us here in Alaska are working with small lots as opposed to larger farm-scale operations.  Home-scale solutions include growing food in the northern latitudes with limited space and time, greenhouses and other season-extension techniques, cold storage, rainwater harvesting, grey-water, small-scale renewables, and much more!

We will address issues that affect our northern communities, such as our inefficient housing, car-centric city plan, and fragmented neighborhoods.  In addition to learning how to utilize our community wastes to create abundant edible gardens and food forests, you will learn how to deal with bureaucracy, organize placemaking events in your neighborhood, and design a regenerative business.  If you are interested in Transition Towns, in making our communities here in Alaska more livable, this is the Permaculture course for you!

Registration is now open!  Go to the registration page to sign up!